Luncheon Specials

(Monday thru Friday 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)


Hibachi Luncheon

(Served with soup or salad, vegetable and steamed rice) ($2.00 extra for Fried Rice)


Hibachi Vegetable                                  7.95

Hibachi Pork                                          8.25

Hibachi Chicken                                     8.25

Hibachi Steak                                         9.25

Hibachi Shrimp                                       9.95

Hibachi Salmon                                      9.95

Hibachi Scallop                                      9.95

Hibachi Filet Mignon                            11.95



Sushi Bar Lunch

(Served with soup or salad)


Sushi Lunch                   5pcs. sushi and 1 California roll                           8.95

Sashimi Lunch                9pcs. assorted raw fish                                         9.95

Sushi & Sashimi             4pcs. sushi, 6pcs. sashimi and 1 tuna roll           10.95



Don and Udon

(Served with soup or salad)


Gyu Don                         Sliced beef & vegetable with sauce over rice             7.25

Katsu Don                      Fried pork & egg omelet with sauce over rice           7.25

Oyako Don                    Fried chicken with sauce over rice                             7.25

Ten Don                         Shrimp tempura & egg omelet with sauce over rice  7.25

Yaki Udon                     Chicken Stir-Fry noodle                                              7.25

Shrimp Tempura Udon   Shrimp Tempura in a noodle soup                              7.25



Sushi Rolls

(Choose any 2 Rolls for 7.95 or 3 Rolls for 9.95 from below)


                                                                                        Tuna                           Salmon       

                                                                                        Alaska                        Spicy Tuna,

                                                                                        Spicy Yellowtail          Eel Avocado

                                                                                        Cucumber                   Vegetable

                                                                                        Shrimp Tempura          Boston,

                                                                                        Salmon Skin                Tuna Avocado

                                                                                        Yellowtail                    Spicy Salmon

                                                                                        California                     Eel Cucumber

                                                                                        Philadelphia                 Avocado

                                                                                        Asparagus                   Spicy Shrimp




Lunch Bento Box 9.95

(Served with soup or salad and steamed rice)

(Choose one from each column)



Tuna Roll

Cucumber Roll

California Roll

Philadelphia Roll









Vegetable Tempura

Chicken Tempura

Shrimp Tempura

Chicken Teriyaki

Shrimp Teriyaki

Steak Teriyaki



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